FreeSWITCH Development

FreeSWITCH Development

GVenture Technology provides a hassle-free experience when it comes to develop a FreeSWITCH application. The solution to all problems related to FreeSWITCH will be resolved here.

FreeSWITCH whereas is an extensible open source cross-platform telephony platform designed to route and interconnects prominent communication protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media. It can be used as a soft-client, carrier-class SoftSwitch or even as PBX.

FreeSWITCH SoftSwitch can be installed and operated without any difficulty in almost any operating system platform including Windows and has made it a very attractive option to the VoIP PBX engineers. Although, FreeSWITCH can be managed via a GUI, the structure of its configuration directories and files makes the direct file access management more user-friendly and really easy to handle even for the novice. Configuration files are XML-based. The XML schema is very straightforward and can be easily understood. No XML expertise is needed.

Services to be provided in FreeSWITCH Development:

A wide experience in the field of FreeSWITCH is what needed in developing a FreeSWITCH applications, Gventure Technology is a point where your search stops. We will provide with the given services:

  • FreeSWITCH Development
  • FreeSWITCH Based Routing
  • Server Deployment
  • Dialplan Script
  • Appointment Booking IVR

Reason to choose GVenture Technology:

Having a working experience of nearly 8 years in the FreeSWITCH Development, We offer a affordable FreeSWITCH services to keep organisations to be updated for the future prospect as well. We are,

  • A top rated and rising talent agency in VoIP Development by UpWork
  • 5 star review and Splendid testimonials
  • Delivered 100+ Projects
  • Having a business over 20+ Countries

Our FreeSWITCH Engineers will be providing an environment where your issues can be resolved ASAP.

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